G. David Chafin Fine Art Photography

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"Capturing the Amazing Beauty Within Everyday People"

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There's a lot of natural beauty on this planet, but there are few things that compare to the simple Human Form. The Greeks believed the body represented the ultimate concept of perfection. Because of this belief the human figure has been the subject of artists for centuries. The fine art nude captures the shadows, highlights, curves, textures, shapes, and inherent beauty of the human body as well as our emotions, moods, strengths, and weaknesses.

"It is my belief that the greatest work of art that has ever been created is the human body."

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Tribute to Tuska

Tribute to Tuska 2

A Thousand Broken Promises

State of Tranquility

Sitting Nude

Well Manicured

Here Comes the Sun


Single Flower



Nude at Window



Eye of the Beholder




50 minus 2